Beyond the Sets and Reps: An Introduction

Therein lies a correlation between the brain and body that is a direct result of an interdisciplinary approach to understanding sports science. Beyond the programming is an interaction of disciplines closely examining the chaotic nature of our being. With The Rebel Movement blog, our mission is to investigate and further the science and philosophy of motor performance. Through our collaborative approach of skill acquisition and movement analysis, we will provide thought-provoking content applicable to athletes, coaches, researchers, and practitioners.  Your feedback is vital to the blog’s mission, so please feel free to provide your thoughts, comments, and considerations. We look forward to building a stronger foundation for the sports science community.

The PhD Podcast

PhD students – are you interested in sharing your knowledge through a medium other than posters and papers? Consider joining Harjiv and Jason on the PhD podcast! We’ve brought on students from across the United States and globe to share their research interests relating to biomechanics, motor learning, exercise physiology, neuropsychology, and many more! Our blog/podcast has been viewed in 80+ countries so this is a great platform to get your knowledge out to interested individuals.

About the Podcast

Podcast length is typically 30-40 min

We ask that each student share a paper(s) that was influential to their PhD studies

We conduct the podcast via Zoom call, and post only the audio to our blog

A week in advance, Harjiv and I send you a script (pending your final approval) relating to questions/talking points for the podcast

If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to Harjiv (, @singh_harjiv) or me (, @JasonAvedesian)