The Puzzle of Persistent Concussion Symptoms with Kelsey Bryk

Kelsey is a 5th year doctoral student in the Biomechanics & Movement Science program at the University of Delaware. She is originally from Winnipeg, Canada (Go Jets Go!) where she completed her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biopsychology. She then moved on to earn her Masters of Science in Health & Exercise Science in Kelowna, BC, Canada. She became interested in the brain and neuroscience after watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy in high school, but her interest in concussions came a few years later in undergrad while watching, naturally, ice hockey. Kelsey’s research in the concussion world has been pretty broad over the past few years, but she began to realize that most concussion research was on high school, college, or professional athletes and she couldn’t help but think “what about the everyday person?” This led her to what is now her dissertation project – investigating the neurological health of adults with persistent symptoms from a concussion. When she is not working on her dissertation, she loves to attend spinning classes, go for hikes, and loves planning her next trip to a new place!

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Article: Preliminary Evidence for Improvement in Symptoms, Cognitive, Vestibular, and Oculomotor Outcomes Following Targeted Intervention with Chronic mTBI Patients

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