About Us

Jason Avedesian 

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I am a third-year PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Program (Biomechanics) at UNLV, researching lower extremity biomechanics for both sport and clinical populations.  My research interests also include integrating biomechanics with other fields of human performance.  I hold Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Kinesiology from Michigan State University, along with a Master of Science degree in Biomechanics from Ball State University.  Following my PhD studies, I intend to continue working with individuals for performance improvement, injury resiliency, and equipment advancement as a clinical / sport biomechanist and scientist.

Harjiv Singh

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I am a PhD student within the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences (Motor Learning and Control) Program at UNLV, researching the role of movement variability within the OPTIMAL theory of motor learning. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Rutgers University alongside a Master of Arts degree in Motor Learning from Columbia University. After completing my PhD, I tend to work within the sport technology domain as a sport scientist for teams and individuals looking to bridge the gap and specifically understand how the brain and body correlate seamlessly to coordinate skilled movement behavior.